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subtitle: Scientifically well-founded company.
AssistUnion loves <a id="details" href="details">smart</a> web applications.
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Our developers have solid backgrounds in machine learning, compiler design, scalable data structures, image processing, and geospatial analysis.
We believe this knowledge can be combined with the web to create unique services.
This makes us a good fit for your business, if you're looking to build something more than just another website.
We strive to make intelligent, performant, and concise software.
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We like to use state of the art development tools and update our tool chain accordingly.
In fact, it is a requirement for every employee to be intellectually curious about the edge of web technologies.
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Our tools are first-class citizens. We use them thoughtfully and with exceptional passion.
In production, we make the facets of <a href="">Ruby</a> shine and let the vortex of <a href="">Node</a>'s async calls to unwind the generators of new ideas.
We summon <a href="">Erlang</a> to tackle the Gulf Stream and drill to the core with <a href="">C++</a>, when things get out of hand.
<h2 id="contact" class="hidden" style="display: none">Get in touch with us!</h2>
We're open to business deals and provision of training.
<ul class="narrow">
<li><strong>Have</strong> a venture idea that needs complex maths or heuristics to be implemented?</li>
<li><strong>Need</strong> someone to work on the architecture, teach your staff, or build everything from bottom up?</li>
We might be interested.
Drop us a few lines to discuss the details.
<dl class="info vcard">
<dt class="email">E-mail</dt>
<dd><a class="email" href=""></a></dd>
<dt class="post">Post</dt>
<dd class="adr">
<span class="street-address">Maskavas 218-69</span>,
<span class="postal-code">LV-1019</span>,
<span class="locality">Riga</span>,
<span class="country-name">Latvia</span>
<dt class="twitter">Twitter</dt>
<dd><a class="url" href="">@assistunion</a></dd>
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