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Early steps for docs (entangled thoughts).

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+Rules, Assumptions and Definitions:
+0. Every custorm Oxygen user class MUST have it's own direcory.
+ Directory is reffered as class's own directory, class is reffered as directory owner.
+1. Each custom Oxygen user class MUST have extension '.class.php'
+2. Each custom Oxygen user class CAN have it's counterpart generated class referred as 'oxy-class',
+ (or 'oxy') that MAY or MAY NOT share the directory with it's owner class.
+3. Each oxy-class MUST have extension '.oxy.php'
+4. The name of the class should uniquely identify the directory/filename with it's implementation
+5. Combination of directory/filename should uniquely identify the class (complementary to 4.).
+6. Each cutom Oxygen user class directories MUST be located under OXYGEN_ROOT directory.
+7. Oxygen framework is located under OXYGEN_ROOT/oxygen directory (that is reserved)
+8. Accepted third party extensions are located under OXYGEN_ROOT/vendor
+ that is defined as
+ OXYGEN_ROOT = dirname(dirname(__FILE__))
+ where __FILE__ is this file.
+2. Each class generated by Oxygen WILL HAVE extendsion '.oxy.php'.
+3. Each generated class
+1. Every other file located in the class directory called
+1. If class ClassName extends ClassName_ then it called 'oxygenized'.
+2. All oxygenized classes should have

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