GitHub Tycoon - A persistent software repository management simulation game.
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GitHub Tycoon

GitHub Tycoon is a persistent software repository management simulation game.


Check out the demo:


Installation (Linux)

  1. Clone this repo to your system, and softlink (ln -s) /www to your 80 (e.g. /var/www/ght). If you bump into a 403 permission issue, make sure all of the parent directories to the cloned directory, including www have the x permission (e.g.chmod a+x). Furthermore, you need +FollowSymLinks. (Alternatively, you could just move the contents of www into your /var/www folder.
  2. Run ./structure so you can track when to update your MySQL structure. After the alpha release, we will write patches.
  3. Create a table and user, and import /structure.sql into that table.
  4. Copy /config.sample.php to /config.php and insert your database information along with a sufficiently strong and random salt.

Technologies used


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