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MongoDB Documentation

This repository contains the beginning of a major revision of the MongoDB documentation. As of December 22, 2011, this documentation is not published or finished and exists in a very rough state. However, you can download and build locally if you already have Sphinx installed, with the following command:

git clone git://
cd docs/
make html

Visit docs/mongodb/build/html/index.html to view the current state of the documentation. You may also wish to install Pygments to provide syntax highlighting for code examples.

To contribute to the documentation please fork this repository on github and issue a pull request. File issue reports or requests at the Documentation Jira Project. See the following documents within this repository that provide a more thorough overview of the documentation style, process, and overall organization:

All documentation is available under the terms of a Creative Commons License.

If you have any questions, please contact

-- The MongoDB/10gen Docs Team