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MongoDB Documentation Practices and Processes

This document provides an overview of the practices and processes that the documentation uses and hopes to use to maintain the documentation. This is a work in progress.


When possible, relevant, include a Jira case identifier in a commit message. Reference documentation cases when relevant, but feel free to reference other cases from <>.

Err on the side of creating a larger number of discrete commits rather than bundling large set of changes into one commit.

For the sake of consistency, avoid committing trailing whitespace in the source file. Additionally, the existing files are "hard wrapped" to 70 characters per-line, which you can adhere to if it is easy for you.


To propose a change to the documentation, either:

  • Open a ticket in the documentation project proposing the change and someone on the documentation team will make the change and be in contact with you so that you can review our change.
  • Using github, fork the repository, commit your changes to this repository and issue a pull request, and someone on the documentation team will review and incorporate your change into the documentation.


Building the documentation is useful because Sphinx and docutils can catch numerous errors in the format and syntax of the documentation. Additionally, having access to an example documentation as it will appear to the users is useful for providing more effective basis for the review process. Besides Sphinx, Pygments, and Python-Docutils, the documentation repository contains all requirements for building the documentation resource.

Talk to someone on the documentation team if you are having problems running builds yourself.


The makefile for this repository contains targets for the publication process. In order to maintain multiple versions of the documentation (to reflect different versions of the MongoDB server, for editing, review, etc.,) the makefile adds a couple of targets to the default Sphinx makefile. In the build-branch target, Sphinx builds the documentation into branch-specific folders. The deploy target moves these builds to into a local mirror (i.e. "../public-docs") of the documentation resource and calls a "" script that handles the upload process itself.

To publish the documentation, use the following procedure:

  1. Checkout the branch of the documentation that you want to publish, make/apply all changes that you wish to publish.

  2. Build the following target. This operation builds all components of the documentation required for publication .

    make build-branch
  3. Build the following target. This procedure exports the build to the "../public-docs" directory and runs the "" script.

    make deploy

The publish target (i.e. "make publish") combines build-branch and deploy procedures.


This section provides an overview of the git branches in the MongoDB documentation repository and their use.

At the present time, future work transpires in the "master", with the main publication being "current." As the documentation stabilizes, the documentation team will begin to maintain branches of the documentation for specific MongoDB releases.