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A*SLAM Software
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A*SLAM Software

For more information see

The following steps have been tested and passed on Ubuntu 16.04.5.

1. Hardware Requirements

It is recommended to run A*SLAM in a computer with 4-core, 8-thread CPU (i7-8550U or better) and 8G RAM.

2. OpenCV Installation

Follow the steps in CaliCam@GitHub.

3. Download Image Data

Make sure the uncompressed files are under the directory /home/USER_NAME/data/aslam_indoor

mkdir data
cd data
tar xvf aslam_indoor.tar.gz

4. Download Program

git clone
cd aslam
chmod 777 ./link

5. Run

To run A*SLAM program, you need to change the name of CaliCam stereo parameter file '##-YYMMDD-####.yml' to 'stereo.yml' first.


6. Operation

Plese refer to the Operation part of A*SLAM Manual.

7. SSML: Monocualr Localization

To run A*SLAM program in the Monocular Localization mode, you need to change the name of CaliCam monocular parameter file '##-YYMMDD-####.yml' to 'mono.yml' first.

You also need to set the following parameters in the 'param.yml' file.

slam_mode: 0
model: mono

8. Astar CES2019 Poster

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