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Astarte command line client utility
Go Shell
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Command line utility to manage Astarte


Assuming you have you go installation and GOPATH set up, you can just run

go get

The astartectl binary will be installed in your GOPATH.


If you are using astartectl a lot with the same deployment, it could be easier to use a configuration file instead of using flags. By default astartectl will search for .astartectl.yaml in your home directory, but you can make it use a custom configuration by setting its path in the ASTARTECTL_CONFIG environment variable.

This is a minimal sample configuration

# This will be used as base url and urls to housekeeping, realm-management and
# pairing will be build appending /<service-name> to the base url
url: https://<your API base url>
  key: <path to your housekeeping key>
  name: <your realm name>
  key: <path to your realm key>

You can also use environment variables, by using the ASTARTECTL prefix and joining the configuration key with _, (e.g. ASTARTECTL_REALM_NAME).

Flags always override configuration.


Run astartectl to see available commands.

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