An extension for Radiant CMS that lets you specify date/times for pages to appear and expire (disappear).
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= Scheduler

Created by: Sean Cribbs, September 2007

The Scheduler extension creates publish and expiration dates (or
appearance and disappearance) that are configurable by the content
editor.  These may be set in the "meta" area of the page editing
screen, and include a calendar-style date picker, thanks to Dan Webb's
wonderful LowPro library (and his date_selector behavior).  These
dates only affect what may be found from the 'live' site.  All pages
are accessible when in 'dev' or 'preview' mode.

== Installation

1) Install the "shards" extension and set it to load first using the
   config.extensions property in config/environment.rb of your Radiant
   project. (this is required until shards is folded into core)
2) Use Subversion to checkout or export the extension into
   vendor/extensions of your Radiant project.
3) Run 'rake production db:migrate:extensions radiant:extensions:scheduler:update' 
   (substitute development if you are using that env)
4) (Re)start your server.
5) If you want to run the extension tests, make sure to run 
   'rake db:test:prepare' before you begin.
== Acknowledgments

Thanks to Digital Pulp, Inc. for funding the initial development of this
extension as part of the project.