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Adds truncate tag to Radiant for truncating data within the tag.

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== Truncate Radiant Extenion

Adds tag for truncating contents within the tag. Attributes:

  1. @chars@ - number of chars within the tag (include ellipses). Default is 50.
  2. @keep_words_intact@ - can be 'true' or 'false'. If true, it will leave whole words, but not cut them ('hello...' instead of 'hello fr...'). Default is true.
  3. @ellipses@ - default is '...'
  4. @strip_html@ - can be 'true' of 'false'. Strips all HTML tags. Default is 'true'
  5. @strip_newlines@ - can be 'true' or 'false'. Strips all \\r and \\n. Default is 'true'

== Usage

  <r:truncate [chars='50'] [keep_words_intact='true'] [ellipses='...'] [strip_html='true'] [strip_newlines='true']>
    <r:snippet name="snip" />

== Example

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

will return 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer...'

== Authors and Credits
Written by Anton Astashov, with Brenton Cheng, for (a division of iVillage Inc.)
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