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I've created a patch to update how the mappings are done so you can override them with ease, for example you can now do things like

let g:ruby_debugger_create_default_mappings = 0

" Setup mappings for ruby-debugger.
nmap <leader>db <plug>ruby_debugger_breakpoint
nmap <leader>dv <plug>ruby_debugger_open_variables
nmap <leader>dm <plug>ruby_debugger_open_breakpoints
nmap <leader>dt <plug>ruby_debugger_open_frames
nmap <leader>ds <plug>ruby_debugger_step
nmap <leader>df <plug>ruby_debugger_finish
nmap <leader>dn <plug>ruby_debugger_next
nmap <leader>dc <plug>ruby_debugger_continue
nmap <leader>de <plug>ruby_debugger_exit
nmap <leader>dd <plug>ruby_debugger_remove_breakpoints

(I like to prefix all the commands with d)

It will now also make sure the mapping isn't already in use, I had a lot of conflicts with NERD Tree and Command-T.




+1 thanks for help




👍 - but looks like I'll be using @RichGuk's fork for now !


Ok, after a little poking and attempting to merge the flag into a new fork, I notice that the g:ruby_debugger_no_maps flag is in the main master branch - so this pull request should really be closed now, as this flag fulfils the same intent ?


It does look like that's the case. I feel after 3 years that it's most likely not being merged anyhow ;)

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