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package param
import (
// MethodParamOption defines a func which apply options on a MethodParam
type MethodParamOption func(*MethodParam)
// IsRequired indicates that this param is required and can not be omitted from the http request
var IsRequired MethodParamOption = func(p *MethodParam) {
p.required = true
// InHeader indicates that this param is passed via an http header
var InHeader MethodParamOption = func(p *MethodParam) { = header
// InPath indicates that this param is part of the URL path
var InPath MethodParamOption = func(p *MethodParam) { = path
// InBody indicates that this param is passed as an http request body
var InBody MethodParamOption = func(p *MethodParam) { = body
// Default provides a default value for the http param
func Default(defaultValue interface{}) MethodParamOption {
return func(p *MethodParam) {
if defaultValue != nil {
p.defaultValue = fmt.Sprint(defaultValue)
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