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App for creating a flexible grid system that can be used for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), for Smart Home control and as a webradio or YouTube player.

Core features

These are the most important features of AsTeRICS Grid:

  • Cross platform: runs on PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
  • No installation needed, just open in the browser
  • Once loaded, AsTeRICS Grid runs offline without internet connection
  • Optionally synchronize configuration using the cloud (data is end-to-end encrypted)
  • Very flexible grid system, layouts are completely customizable
  • Text-to-speech in various languages
  • Internationalization: create grid sets in multiple languages
  • Various input possibilities like Clicking, Tapping (on touchscreen), Hovering, Scanning, Keyboard, Buttons, and even more complex ones like Eye-Tracking, Head-Tracking or use of EMG muscle sensors (using the AsTeRICS Framework)
  • Integrated search for open AAC symbols from
  • Smart Home control (using the AsTeRICS Framework)
  • Flexible keyboard layouts with word prediction and self-learning dictionaries
  • Play webradios (over 25000) using
  • Search and play YouTube videos

Production environments

There are two versions of AsTeRICS Grid online:


see User documentation or AsTeRICS Grid Playlist on YouTube.

Run project locally

  1. clone the project git clone
  2. install node.js
  3. install yarn, see
  4. go to the directory of the cloned project and run yarn install
  5. run npm run start and open http://localhost:9095

Npm scripts

After yarn install the following commands are available:

  1. npm run start --> starts a webserver serving the AsTeRICS grid on http://localhost:9095, does hot reloading if js-sources change.
  2. npm run start-legacy --> same as start but js sources are transformed to ES5 using babel.
  3. npm run start-no-live --> same as start but hot reloading is disabled.
  4. npm run build --> builds the js-files in folder src to app/build and app/build_legacy folders.
  5. npm run start-superlogin-dev --> runs superlogin locally and makes it possible to create "online users" within the locally running application. A local CouchDb instance is necessary in order to work.
  6. npm run release -> releases the current version with a new tag and push it to gh-pages branch in order to be served at
  7. npm run release-latest -> same as npm run release but with destination
  8. npm run test -> runs tests of the project using Jest.


The AsTeRICS Grid evolved out of AsTeRICS Ergo, see AsTeRICS Ergo Master Plan and AsTeRICS Ergo Architecture and will eventually replace AsTeRICS Ergo.

Acknowledgements and Attribution