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Welcome to the FABI wiki!

The FABI (Flexible Assistive Button Interface) allows control of a computer’s mouse cursor and typing desired keyboard keys by using buttons and special/individual input methods. It can be helpful for people who cannot use standard computer input devices – enabling them to play games, surf the internet, write emails and much more.

Most of the information is located in the user manual (, this wiki is describing further details on some examples of FABI.

People with physical disabilities might need different solutions than the FABI. In this case, you should have a look at our other projects:


A zero-force joystick, which is operated either by mouth or by finger:


AsTeRICS is a software framework, which allows rapid development of a wide spreaded range of assistive solutions:



This piece of hardware was built to increase the coding efficiency. This might not apply to all types of keyboards, but a German keyboard layout is a little bit annoying for coding:

The brackets are only available with a modifier key (German layout: right Alt/AltGr for curly and angle brackets). This is quite slowing down...

If you want to speed up your hacking, please visit the wiki page for RapidCoding.

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