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This repository contains a template project structure for an AsTeRICS based solution using the AsTeRICS Packaging Environment (APE).
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AsTeRICS based AT solution

This folder contains an AsTeRICS based solution using the APE (AsTeRICS Packaging Environment) template folder structure.


Please follow the instructions of this tutorial

Demos / Examples

You can try some (other) demos and asterics solution example repositories here.

Run project


ant run

to build all the dependencies and start the ARE.

You can also start the ARE using the ARE start-scripts in the build/merged/bin/ARE folder.

Folder structure

Subsequently you can see the simplified folder structure of an APE-based project, which contains an ant build file (build.xml), a property-based configuration file (, the custom/bin/ARE folder to store the solution-specific files (e.g. model files), a build folder and a package folder for native installer customization.

  |- merged
  |- deploy
  |- bin/ARE
    |- data
    |- images
    |- LICENSE
    |- models
      |- <custom model file>.acs
      |- ...
    |- web
      |- webapps
        |- startpage
          |- start.html
        |- <your webapps folder>
          |- index.html
  |- linux
  |- windows
  |- macosx

How to use the repository

First, please read the tutorial about the AsTeRICS Solution Template Repository.

Quick howto

Put all your custom files (model files, images, config files,...) to the custom/bin/ARE folder.

In case you have a web UI put the files (.html, images, .css, .js,...) to the document root (custom/bin/ARE/web) of the built-in webserver. The webserver also provides a websocket. Finally the ARE provides a REST API that can be used within a web application.

Before the project can be run it must be built (builds the AsTeRICS repository and copies/merges needed plugin jars and project files to the ```build/merged/bin/ARE`` folder). You can also directly run the ARE with the project's solution.

Recommended workflow

  1. Save custom files (models, images, config files,...) to the custom/bin/ARE folder or subfolders (e.g. web/...) or modify them
  2. Call ant APE-copy & ant run-quick
  3. This should automatically open http://localhost:8081 in your standard browser.
  4. If you want to modify the running model, press 'F8' to open it in the WebACS, then modify and upload it. To save successful modifications permanently, save the model file to the custom/bin/ARE/models folder again.
  5. Kill program and go to step 1

Release project

To create a native installer open a console and run

ant deploy

Please also check additional dependencies and usage examples.

Other ant targets

To see all supported targets, call

ant -projecthelp

Changing AsTeRICS snapshot (ARE) used

The property ARE.baseURI defines the location of the ARE used for the execution of the project.

APE automatically searches for an ARE at the following locations:

  1. dependencies/AsTeRICS/bin/ARE (if Asterics is added as submodule)
  2. ../AsTeRICS/bin/ARE (if it's an APE projectdir withouth FABI and FLipMouse folder structure)
  3. ../../AsTeRICS/bin/ARE (if it's an AT solution folder structure)
  4. C:/Program Files (x86)/AsTeRICS/ARE/ (if there is an Asterics installation on windows)

You can also set ARE.baseURI manually, either in the file or within an ant call, e.g.

ant -DARE.baseURI=<path to ARE> run

ant -DARE.baseURI=D:/AsTeRICS/AsTeRICS/bin/ARE/ run


Dual license MIT or GPLv3 with CLASSPATH exception. Please read more in the license section of the wiki.

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