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A learning JavaScript dictionary-based word prediction / autocomplete / suggestion library.
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JavaScript dictionary-based word prediction library with self-learning abilities.


Drop the following into your page:

<script src=""></script>

or install the package via npm:

npm install predictionary --save

Note: to use inside a nodejs application use the flag --experimental-modules in order to be able to use Predictionary which is written as ES6 module. See nodejs demo which can be run with:

node --experimental-modules demo/node-demo/app.mjs

Basic usage

Minimum working example for basic usage:

import Predictionary from 'predictionary' //only if installed via npm

let predictionary = Predictionary.instance();
predictionary.addWords(['apple', 'apricot', 'banana']);
let suggestions = predictionary.predict('ap'); // == ['apple', 'apricot'];


See working demo: to live demo

API Documentation

see full API documentation: to API documentation


Thanks to Mark Davies, Professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University (Utah), for the permission to use his n-gram sample data from for training purposes of this library.

Word frequency lists for demos are taken from the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds, see - thanks!

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