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Terraform provisioner for Converge

This plugin allows you to run converge directly in terraform.


Download a binary from the releases page.

Then create a .terraformrc file in your home directory with the converge provisioner pointing to the location of your downloaded binary.

provisioners {
  converge = "/usr/local/bin/terraform-provisioner-converge"


$ make vendor
$ make


  • hcl (required) - A list of files to run through Converge. Can be a single path as a string
  • ca_file (optional) - Path to a CA certificate to trust. Requires use_ssl
  • cert_file (optional) - Path to a certificate file for SSL. Requires use_ssl
  • download_binary (optional) - Install Converge binary. Default to false
  • install_dir (optional) - Directory to install converge binary on the remote host. Default is /usr/bin
  • binary_dir (optional) - Location of the converge binary on the remote host. Default is /usr/bin
  • key_file (optional) - Path to a key file for SSL. Requires use_ssl
  • local (optional) - Run Converge in local mode. Defaults to true
  • local_addr (optional) - Address to use for local RPC connection
  • log_level (optional) - Logging level. One of DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR or FATAL. Default is INFO
  • no_token (optional) - Don't use or generate an RPC token
  • params (optional) - A hash of parameter/value pairs to pass to Converge
  • rpc_addr (optional) - Address for server RPC connection. Overrides local
  • rpc_token (optional) - Token to use for RPC
  • use_ssl (optional) - Use SSL to connect
  • version (optional) - Specify the version of Converge. Default is the latest version.

Example Usage

resource "aws_instance" "web" {
  provisioner "converge" {
    params = {
      key = "value"
      message = <<EOF
This is not the default message
    hcl = [
    download_binary = true
    prevent_sudo = false
    # http_proxy = "Outgoing http proxy address"
    # https_proxy = "Outgoing https proxy address"
    # no_proxy = [ "list of ip addresses to not proxy" ]