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Asterisk ARI examples

This repository contains a collection of ARI examples, written primarily in Python, JavaScript (Node.js) and C#. These ARI examples coincide with ARI documentation on the Asterisk wiki:

The Python examples use the ari-py library:

The JavaScript examples use the node-ari-client library:

The .NET examples use the AsterNET.ARI client library:

Example Directory



Dump basic information about the channels in an Asterisk system.


Observe changes in channel state and Answer a channel.


Play howler monkeys (with great anger) on a channel.


Manipulate locale specific indication tones on a channel.


Build a simple IVR/automated attendant by handling DTMF keypresses.



Place all channels that enter into an application into a single holding bridge.


Place all channels that enter into an application into a holding bridge. Once all channels have left the bridge, destroy it.


Dial an endpoint and put the resulting channel in a mixing bridge with the original Stasis channel. Gracefully handle hangups from either end.


Put channel that enters Stasis into a holding bridge with music on hold while dialing another endpoint. Once endpoint answers, remove original channel from holding bridge and put both channels in a mixing bridge. Gracefully handle hangups from either end.


Copyright (c) 2014, Digium, Inc. All rights reserved.

See the LICENSE.txt file for more information.