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Cyber Mega Phone 2K

Cyber Mega Phone 2K Ultimate Dynamic Edition is a simple browser side client application that was created for testing of Asterisk's (15+) multistream capabilities. Firefox and Chrome based browsers are supported.


Currently, Cyber Mega Phone 2K utilizes JsSIP (v3.0.13) for SIP support and sdp-interop-sl (v1.4.0) for SDP Plan B support that is currently needed for Chrome based browsers. Both of these libraries can be found under the 'lib' directory within the project so there should be no need for further download.

As mentioned multistream support is only supported in Asterisk 15+. Also, the pjsip channel driver is currently the only channel driver that is multistream enabled.


Build and install Asterisk. Once installed configure Asterisk to listen for webrtc connections. See the WebRTC tutorial on the Asterisk wiki. The configuration should be similar.

You'll need to add a few additional settings to your configured pjsip endpoint. max_audio_streams and max_video_streams need to be set to a number greater than one (the default) in order for Asterisk to allow more than one of each stream type.


You will also need to configure an extension to dial. You should be able to dial out to another endpoint, but the easiest way to check out the multistream capabilities is to dial into a confbridge or use app_stream_echo. For instance, to use the Asterisk stream echo dialplan application create an extension with the following (be sure to set 'max_video_streams' to at least 4 then):

exten => stream_echo,1,Answer()
  same => n,StreamEcho(4)
  same => n,Hangup()

Calling the above should result in your browser showing five video streams. One local and four remote streams. If you have configured an extension for a confbridge then, when dialed, you may initially see a single video stream (if you are the first to join) and then other video elements are added and removed as others join or leave the confbridge.

Once Asterisk is configured and running open either a Firefox or Chrome based browser. In all likelyhood you'll need to register your cert first, so enter the following address:

https://[ip of asterisk server]:8089/ws

And manually confirm the security exception. Go to File->Open, navigate to where you downloaded Cyber Mega Phone 2K, and then open the 'index.html' file. In your browser you should see some fancy side scrolling text and three buttons. Click the 'Account' button and enter the endpoint credentials you configured in Asterisk (Note, 'ID' is the endpoint name). Also enter the extension you would like to dial. Close the box and then press the 'Connect' button. This should connect you to Asterisk and register the endpoint if configured to do that. Now the 'Call' button should be enabled. Press it to dial the set extension. Depending on the extension you dialed, and if you allowed your browser access, you should now see one or more video elements displayed. 'Hangup' or 'Disconnect' to end.


If you experience audio issues, it may be a good idea to turn on the jitterbuffer. This can cause the audio to be slightly delayed, but will also eliminate problems such as bursty audio packets causing disruptions. You can enable this option in confbridge.conf for a user, or you can do it through the dialplan before placing the user in the conference by using the JITTERBUFFER dialplan function for a more fine tuned experience.


Cyber Mega Phone 2K is released under the MIT License Copyright (C) 2017 Digium, Inc.


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