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Golang bindings for Mozilla's DeepSpeech speech-to-text library
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Golang bindings for Mozilla's DeepSpeech speech-to-text library.

As of now, astideepspeech is only compatible with version v0.4.0 of DeepSpeech.


Install DeepSpeech

Install astideepspeech

Run the following command:

$ go get -u


Get the pre-trained model

Run the following commands:

$ mkdir /tmp/deepspeech
$ cd /tmp/deepspeech
$ wget
$ tar xvfz deepspeech-0.4.0-models.tar.gz

Get the audio files

Run the following commands:

$ cd /tmp/deepspeech
$ wget
$ tar xvfz audio-0.4.0.tar.gz

Use the client

Run the following commands (make sure $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH):

$ cd /tmp/deepspeech
$ deepspeech -model models/output_graph.pb -audio audio/2830-3980-0043.wav -alphabet models/alphabet.txt -lm models/lm.binary -trie models/trie

    Text: experience proves this

$ deepspeech -model models/output_graph.pb -audio audio/4507-16021-0012.wav -alphabet models/alphabet.txt -lm models/lm.binary -trie models/trie

    Text: why should one halt on the way
$ deepspeech -model models/output_graph.pb -audio audio/8455-210777-0068.wav -alphabet models/alphabet.txt -lm models/lm.binary -trie models/trie

    Text: your power is sufficient i said
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