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README: explain that mplayer2 is dead and what this repository is

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mplayer2 is a precursor to mpv ( that was developed mainly by
Uoti Urpala (uau). It used to have a website at, but all
official development has stopped and the website is now dead. A copy of the
website's source code is available at

mplayer2 is preserved here for posterity, as well as for use in setups that
mpv no longer supports. To this end, some additional patches that never
appeared in the official mplayer2 repository are included in branches other
than 'master', improving display quality, compatibility, fixing bugs and
adding small features. The default branch 'all' contains all useful and safe
patches. As time goes on and old systems become less and less relevant,
it is likely that fewer and fewer new patches will be added.

Compiling with full features requires development files for several
external libraries. Below is a list of some important requirements. For

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