Collection of Magento Tools from Pulse Storm LLC
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Repository of Magento Tools from Pulse Storm LLC

This repository is the former home of open source code modules and scripts to help developers work more efficiently with the Magento online retail system. As of Summer 2013, these modules have been moved into individual repositories, listed below.

If you've found any of these projects useful you may find Pulse Storm's commercial extensions and knowledge products useful as well

New Repository Links

In addition to the new repository links, if you need the exact snapshot of the repository directly before this change, you can find it in the pre_reorg branch. We'll also keep the _trash folder for a few months.

If you need help finding anything, please don't hesitate to open an issue, ot get in touch directly.


A Magento module that randomly changes configuration values — useful for developers who want to write bullet proof extensions.


A system for running validation tests against Magento's configuration files


A Magento module that demonstrates how to add a new page to the customer My Account section.


A Magento module for browsing block action methods, PHP Doc blocks, and more!


A Magento extension that adds an <unremove/> tag to Magento's Layout XML.


A Magento module that dumps layout information via query string.


A Magento shell script to automatically create an attribute migration script for a specific attribute. This allows developers to tweak their attributes in the UI, and then generate a script for deployment.


A bookmarket for extracting a Magento Connect key from a page.


A small shell script to automatically package tar archives into Magento's Connect 2.0 format.


A magento module to switch Internet Explorer into IE 8 compatibility mode, patching some JS/CSS problems in older Magento themes.


The fastest way to browse your Magento admin interface.


A Magento module that lists other installed modules.


A Magento module allowing users to quickly search for specific configuration fields, quickly cutting through the dense UI.


A Magento module allowing system administrators to add additional TinyMCE settings.


A Magento module which gives developers a programmer's 404 page, allowing for easier routing debugging.