Base configuration for the most simple ui component.
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This repository holds sample code for the Magento UI Component series.

The code in first-pass-unstable disables Magento's XSD configuration in order to create a very basic UI Component that, similar to core components, renders an XHTML template.

The code in second-pass-stable attempts to create a simple UI Component that loads RequireJS modules/Knockout.js view models and templates, and does so without violating the Magento provided XSD files.

Code samples are currently tested against Magento 2.1.1. Hopefully the techniques hold solid. See the Simplest UI Component article, other others in the series, for more context.

The release of Magento 2.2 broke the first-pass-unstable version of this module. We were able to fix it by cargo cultingadding the following file. We don't really know why this works, as is one of those things Magento have added without really explaining what it's for.