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An interface to the MikroTik RouterOS API (via TCP) in Ruby
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= MTik -- A Ruby implementation of the MikroTik RouterOS API

The MTik gem implements the MikroTik RouterOS API for connecting to
devices running RouterOS (with the API enabled) over the network.

== Examples

Included in the examples subdirectory are four example ruby scripts
that use the Ruby API implementation:

tikcli.rb::     A command-line-like API interface
tikcommand.rb:: A tool for executing a single API command from
                a unix command-line
tikfetch.rb::   A tool for instructing devices to download files
                from specified URLs (unix command-line tool)
tikjson.rb::    Like 'command.rb' a tool for executing a single
                API command, except the output is formatted  in

== Download

The latest version of MTik can be found at


Ruby RDoc documentation can be found online at


Additional documentation is available at


Source code is available on GitHub:


For documentation on the MikroTik RouterOS APi, see


== Installation

To install MTik is through its GEM file:

  % [sudo] gem install mtik-4.0.0.gem

== License

This gem and all other scripts and documentation files are licensed
under a BSD-style license.  (See the LICENSE.txt file.)

== Report Bugs

Bugs/issues may also be reported via GitHub:


ALSO, please send the author a note regarding the issue by clicking on the
"Contact Me" link in the left-hand menu of the author's web site.
The direct URL is:


Thank you!

-- Aaron D. Gifford

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