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Google APIs Service Generator

Warning: this program is still experimental, it has not yet been tested to generate correctly all the API bindings. At the moment, the services generated by this tool are: calendar v3, plus v1, tasks v1, discovery v1, urlshortener v1, oauth v2, customsearch v1, analytics v3, pagespeedonline v1, blogger v2, siteVerification v1, adsense v1.1, bigquery v2

The serviceGenerator is used to produce OCaml source files that are used to add a service client to the gapi library. This tool will generate 4 OCaml files:

  • gapi<service name> contains the data definition of the service
  • gapi<service name>Model.mli: data definition module interface
  • gapi<service name> contains the service interface that can be used to interact with the Google API
  • gapi<service name>Service.mli: service module interface

These files should be linked with the gapi library that provides the basic functionalities to query the Google RESTful services.


To build the generator you will need pa_monad. After installing it, execute

$ ocaml -configure --enable-generator
$ ocaml -build


This command will generate the source code of the client for the URL shortener service (version 1)

$ ./serviceGenerator.byte -api urlshortener -version v1
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