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Ext JS 4.x bindings for js_of_ocaml
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OCaml Ext JS 4.x bindings

ocaml-extjs provides Ext JS 4.x bindings for js_of_ocaml.


You will need the following libraries:

This library was developed and tested on Ubuntu 12.10 (64-bit).

Configuration and installation

To build the library and the examples, run

$ ocaml -configure
$ ocaml -build

See examples/ for further details regarding the examples.

To install the library, run (as root, if your user doesn't have enough privileges)

$ ocaml -install

To generate the documentation, run

$ ocaml -configure --enable-docs
$ ocaml -build
$ ocaml -doc

Then you can browse the HTML documentation starting from ocaml-extjs.docdir/index.html, but is not installed by default.

To uninstall the library, execute

$ ocaml -uninstall

Online examples

The examples are online here.

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