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index.html membership platform

It's super basic. I estimate I've spent 10-12 hours on that. On the other hand I'm rather productive and I had some code snippets already in place.

How to run

  1. git clone
  2. cd membership-platform
  3. Start local server python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  4. Visit http://localhost:8000/

Technologies used

Using Firebase

To register account with Firebase you'll need Google account. For your development purposes you may want to create your own and change credentials in index.html

Firebase provides hosting out of the box firebase deploy so it's practical. Their technology is really clever and allows us to work really fast...

Work in progress

As everyhing we do it's WORK IN PROGRESS - we always err on the side of transparency, honesty and integrity. We know this platform is by not means complete but with your help we can make it work. This is probaly link you want to visit:

At this point in time we encourange our partners to agree on 50 / 50 cash equity split - everything is explained on the website... We operate pretty much in public (open-source company) and same logic as with membership platform - it's work in progress.

Thank you so much

It's not fun to build community when there is no community. The astralship would not be possible if not you!