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An easy-to-implement library for the GeoHash algorithm
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An easy-to-implement library that can assist Java developers in using the GeoHash algorithm in order to create geocodes based on custom latitude and longitude values.

With the help of jGeohash, Java developers will be able to quickly and easily generate a geohash code using user-defined latitude and longitude values. By using the GeoHash algorithm, the space can be divided into multiple grid shapes.

This library is a basic implementation from the GeoHash algorithm written in the java and can be applied to generate from the latitude and longitude a geohash code and reverse.

The library is kept simple and have no dependencies to other libraries.

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Key features:

  1. Very small size (<35Kb)
  2. Can get the adjacent geohash area from the given direction
  3. Can get the geohash from an ip address
  4. Can calculate distance between two geohash values in various measuring units like miles, km, meters
  5. Can get the geohash cells around from the first, second or thrird ring from a given geohash cell


The source code comes under the liberal Apache License V2.0, making jgeohash great for all types of applications.

Maven Central

Maven Central jgeohash-core

Maven Central jgeohash-geoip


Javadocs jgeohash-core

Javadocs jgeohash-geoip

Maven dependency

Maven dependency is now on sonatype. Check out sonatype repository for latest snapshots and releases.

You can add the following maven dependencies to your project pom.xml if you want to import the library.

You can first define the version properties:

	<!-- JGEOHASH version -->

Add the following maven dependency to your project pom.xml if you want to import the core functionality of jgeohash:


Add the following maven dependency to your project pom.xml if you want to import the geoip functionality of jgeohash:


Semantic Versioning

The versions of jgeohash are maintained with the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

Release version numbers will be incremented in the following format:


For detailed information on versioning for this project you can visit this wiki page.

Want to Help and improve it?

The source code for jGeohash are on GitHub. Please feel free to fork and send pull requests!

Create your own fork of astrapi69/jgeohash/fork

To share your changes, submit a pull request.

Don't forget to add new units tests on your changes.

Contacting the Developer

Do not hesitate to contact the jgeohash developers with your questions, concerns, comments, bug reports, or feature requests.

  • Feature requests, questions and bug reports can be reported at the issues page.


Similar projects

Here is a list of awesome projects that uses geohash:

  • geohash-java Another implementation of Geohashes in pure Java.
  • geo Geohash utitlies in java


Useful links

Change log

The changelog is moved in its own file. It can be found on following page


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Travis CI
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sonatype repository jgeohash-geoip
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Javadoc jgeohash-core
Javadoc jgeohash-geoip
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