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"target": "exec",
// spec output panel settings
"panel_settings": {
"encoding": "utf-8",
"syntax": "Packages/TestRSpec/themes/TestConsole.tmLanguage",
"color_scheme": "Packages/TestRSpec/themes/TestConsole.hidden-tmTheme",
// rspec command
"rspec_command": "rspec",
// environment variables for rspec command
"env": {
"rspec_add_to_path": "",
// rspec runner paths
"paths_bin_rspec": "./bin/rspec",
"paths_rbenv": "~/.rbenv/bin/rbenv",
"paths_rvm": "~/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby",
"paths_system_ruby": "/usr/bin/env ruby",
// which rubies to check for when running rspec
"check_for_rbenv": true,
"check_for_rvm": true,
"check_for_system_ruby": true,
"check_for_bundler": true,
"check_for_spring": true,
// switch spec/code directories to skip when searching by file name
"ignored_directories": [".git", "vendor", "tmp", "migrate"],
// specs root folder
"spec_folder": "spec",
// app/models/user.rb spec should be found in spec/model/user_spec.rb, omitting 'app' folder
"ignored_spec_path_building_directories": ["app"],
// auto save current file on spec run
"save_current_file_on_run": true,
// auto save all files on spec run
"save_all_files_on_run": false,
// create spec snippet defined line by line
"create_spec_snippet": [
"RSpec.describe ${class_name} do",
// create spec place cursor line number
"create_spec_cursor_line": 2,
// source files extension
"source_file_extension": ".rb",
// spec files extension
"spec_file_extension": "_spec.rb",
// regexp used to determine class name once creating new spec file
"create_spec_class_name_regexp": "(class|module)[ ]+([a-zA-Z0-9:]*)",
// if there is an exact match then directly jump to that one, show dropdown otherwise
"switch_code_test_immediately_on_direct_match": true,