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Release 0.8.5
Building package in a virtual environment does not install in a
virtual environment (restores 0.8.3 behavior).
Release 0.8.4
Building package in a virtual environment installs in a virtual
Release 0.8.3
Fixes various Unicode handling bugs.
Release 0.8.2
Fixes a bug.
Release 0.8.1
Fixes documentation bugs.
Release 0.8.0
Removed "--force-buildsystem" option.
Release 0.7.1
Fixes several bugs.
Release 0.7.0
stdeb uses dh_python2 instead of dh_pysupport (thanks to Piotr
A long time passed between releases, so there are probably backwards
incompatible changes that have crept in.
Release 0.6.0
A new ``debianize`` command was added. This command builds a
``debian/`` directory alongside your file.
No backwards incompatible changes were made with this release.
Release 0.5.1
This is a bugfix release. This fixes a bug that caused the
debian/control Description: field to be wrong.
No backwards incompatible changes were made with this release.
Release 0.5.0
The following backwards incompatible changes were made:
* The --process-dependencies option to py2dsc was dropped, because
this functionality went beyond the scope of the py2dsc script. The
functionality could be added to a new script if desired.
* The ability to pass command options to sdist_dsc by specifying them
to bdist_deb was removed. In other words, if you did this in the
python bdist_deb --no-backwards-compatibility
You must now do this::
python sdist_dsc --no-backwards-compatibility bdist_deb
The deprecations were made:
* The stdeb.cfg file location has been moved from the .egg-info
directory into the directory holding The old location will
work, but is deprecated and will be removed sometime in the future.
* Some options to the sdist_dsc command have now changed.
(--default-maintiner should now be --maintainer,
--default-distribution should now be --suite), although the old way
will still work, as it is only deprecated for now.
Release 0.4.3
This is a bugfix release. The most significant change is that by
default the "DH_OPTIONS=--buildsystem=python_distutils" environment
variable is passed to debhelper. This causes debhelper to ignore
Makefiles and forces use of "python install".
No backwards incompatible changes were made with this release.
Release 0.4.2
This is a bugfix release fixing a couple issues. The most significant
fix is that if a package specified "XS-Python-Version" in stdeb.cfg,
the binary package wouldn't install the Python packages.
No backwards incompatible changes were made with this release.
Release 0.4.1
This release maintains backward compatibility with old versions of
stdeb and debhelper, but stdeb now allows packages that don't carry
the cruft of backward compatibility. To disable all backwards
compatibility, specify the --no-backwards-compatibility flag. This
will set --pycentral-backwards-compatibility=False and
--workaround-548392=False. You may set these flags individually if
By "maintains backward compatibility with stdeb", I mean that newer
packages made with newer stdeb (0.4.1 and up) will properly upgrade
from older package made with older versions of stdeb (less than
0.4.0). The problem, in particular, is the migration from
python-central. See Debian bug #479852 for more information.