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(See CHANGELOG.txt for lists of changes. This file provides
information for those upgrading from previous versions of stdeb.)
Release 0.4.1
This release maintains backward compatibility with old versions of
stdeb and debhelper, but stdeb now allows packages that don't carry
the cruft of backward compatibility. To disable all backwards
compatibility, specify the --no-backwards-compatibility flag. This
will set --pycentral-backwards-compatibility=False and
--workaround-548392=False. You may set these flags individually if
By "maintains backward compatibility with stdeb", I mean that newer
packages made with newer stdeb (0.4.1 and up) will properly upgrade
from older package made with older versions of stdeb (less than
0.4.0). The problem, in particular, is the migration from
python-central. See Debian bug #479852 for more information.
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