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remove options that are no longer supported from docs

The options --pycentral-backwards-compatibility and --workaround-548392 were
removed with commit 7f2a1d7. Update the docs to reflect this change.
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esc committed Sep 28, 2012
1 parent 958da17 commit 6b6b836d989395130f9477794b4c077a10730664
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@@ -441,13 +441,6 @@ To pass these commands to sdist_dsc when calling bdist_deb, do this::
--remove-expanded-source-dir (-r) remove the expanded source directory
--ignore-install-requires (-i) ignore the requirements from
requires.txt in the egg-info directory
- --pycentral-backwards-compatibility If True, enable migration from old
- stdeb that used pycentral.
- (Default=False).
- --workaround-548392 If True, limit binary package to single
- Python version, working around Debian
- bug 548392 of debhelper.
- (Default=False).
--force-buildsystem If True (the default), set 'DH_OPTIONS=
--no-backwards-compatibility This option has no effect, is here for

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