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pypi-install: test script

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astraw committed Dec 30, 2009
1 parent 0de875a commit aaf42e671b698c98588caeafbc5c793631afbf2b
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+set -e
+# Package with source tarball on PyPI:
+pypi-install pyflakes --verbose=2
+sudo dpkg --purge python-pyflakes
+# Package with no source tarball on PyPI: (v 0.6.2, 2009-12-30)
+pypi-install posix_ipc --verbose=2
+sudo dpkg --purge python-posixipc
+echo "skipping known failure tests"
+exit 0
+# Known failing tests: A pure python package with source zip on
+# PyPI. (This fails because stdeb doesn't handle .zip source
+# archives.)
+pypi-install --verbose=2
+# A pure python package with source tarball on PyPI. (This fails if
+# the Debian/Ubuntu original "pyro" package is already
+# installed. This should use apt-file to find that binary package is
+# "pyro".)
+sudo apt-get install pyro # get upstream version
+pypi-install Pyro --verbose=2

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