Joomla Modul. This Modul extends the Joomla core Module mod_wrapper. It adds a button, so that the content of the iframe is only loaded, if the button is pressed.
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This module shows an iFrame window to specified location. It is an extension of mod_wrapper. Before the actual content is loaded and displayed in the iframe window, this first have to be confirmed with a button.

How to use in backend

To add a new Agiframewrapper module or edit an existing Agiframewrapper module, navigate to the Module Manager and select Extensions -> Modules. Click the New button and click on Agiframewrapper in the modal popup window.

module site test administration

More information about the parameters you can find in the documentation for mod_wrapper module agiframewrapper test administration

How it looks in frontend

When opened for the first time, a gray area is displayed. To be exact, the JOOMLA/modules/mod_agiframewrapper/src/modules/mod_agiframewrapper/index.html file is displayed. If you know HTML, you can edit this area by editing the file JOOMLA/modules/mod_agiframewrapper/src/modules/mod_agiframewrapper/index.html. Above the gray area is a button.

home 4

Clicking on this button loads the actual iframe content. home 5

After that, you can deactiate the iframe content with the button - if you like.


How can I change the text of the buttons?

You can make an language override of the language strings

Support and New Features

This Joomla! Extension is a simple feature. But it is most likely, that your requirements are already covered or require very little adaptation.

If you have more complex requirements, need new features or just need some support, I am open to doing paid custom work and support around this Joomla! Extension.

Contact me and we'll sort this out!