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A website monitoring tool
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index.js monitor logic used from monitor module. Dec 15, 2017


This is a simple tool to query websites/URLs, for their live status. Based on the response received from the server, the status is updated.

It is handy to retrieve the urls over a REST API and submit the response over a REST API in the system.

Development Stage

It is very primitive now. I hope to improvise in time.

How to run

Environment setup

  • Install Node and npm.
  • Install request (npm install request or yarn add request)

Download the source code from this repository. Go inside the folder where you have copied the repository. Change the company_id and ss_token using below mentioned information. Run - node index.js


The above steps should start the script, which will work in following manner -

Start -> Check if reload_websites from config is true -> If yes, load websites from the source host. If, no, check the websites'(already loaded) status and push it to the sink host. -> Go to sleep for refresh_status_in milliseconds -> Wake and repeat from Start.


config.js is the main configuration file in here. It can be updated in accordance of the needs. In config.js, config variable contains various settings which can be changed -

  • debug : A boolean controlling the debug-logging functions.
  • reload_websites : A boolean value determines if the sensors(websites) are to be refreshed.
  • refresh_websites_in : Tells the monitor to refresh the websites list in mentioned milliseconds.
  • refresh_status_in : Tells the monitor to refresh the status of websites in mentioned milliseconds.
  • ss_token : Relevant to REST API, it is an authorization token to retrieve websites list and save the status.
  • source_host : Host name from where the sources are fetched.
  • source_port : Port number of the source-host.
  • sink_host : Host name to where the status of the websites are saved.
  • sink_port : Port number of the sink host.
  • company_id : Company-id of the sensor. It is a Swarm-sense specific detail.
  • source_path : It is a function which provides with the url( using the company-id ) from where sensors will be fetched. It is specific to Swarmsense now.
  • sink_path : It is a function which provides with the url( using sensor-id) where the status are saved. It is specific to Swarmsense now.
  • sink_method : Defines HTTP verb to save the websites' status.
  • source_method : Defines HTTP verb to get the websites' list.
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