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500+ CSS Icons. Customizable, Retina Ready with API & NPM
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Minimalistic Icon library Designed by code.
Customizable & Retina-Ready icons entirely built in CSS.

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  1. API endpoint
  2. Lightweight
  3. Accessible
  4. Agile
  5. Retina Ready
  6. Compilable

Getting started

Access all the icons as package:

Name Source
CLI npm i -S

This package CDN alternatives




Add icons in your project

1. Markup

The class name starts always with "gg-" followed by icon name.

<i class="gg-icon-name"></i>

To resize an icon you just need to change the value of a css variable "--ggs" to any value you like if not specified it falls back to 1 or the actual size.

.gg-icon-name {
    /* This value will multiple the actual size  */
    --ggs: 10;

The variable can be added to the parent, custom class,body or root level if you want all icons same size.

:root {

    --ggs: 6;


2. Style

<!-- Uncompressed - Single Icon -->
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'>

<!-- Compressed - Single Icon -->
<link href='|icon-name' rel='stylesheet'>

<!-- Multiple icons  -->
<link href='|icon-name|icon-name|icon-name' rel='stylesheet'>

<!-- All icons  -->
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'>
/* Uncompressed - Single icon */
@import url('');

/* Compressed - Single icon*/
@import url('|icon-name');

/* Multiple icons */
@import url('|icon-name|icon-name|icon-name');

/* All icons */
@import url('');

API Reference

1. Access data on .json format

All data - Single Icon|icon-name
All data - Multiple Icons|icon-name|icon-name|icon-name

Return style & markup only

You need to specify in the end of url if you wish to pull only style or markup by using &op=css or &op=css+markup variables respectively.

e.g Single Icon

Style & Markup|icon-name&op=css+markup

e.g Multiple Icons

Style & Markup|icon-name|icon-name|icon-name&op=css+markup

2. Access data on .xml format

All the above options apply to xml format.


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