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massmappy - a code to generate mass maps from galaxy shear measurements

Code Authors:

Main Author: Christopher G R Wallis (

Useful and necessary contributions:
Code used for the papers:
  • "Mapping dark matter on the celestial sphere with weak gravitational lensing", Christopher G. R. Wallis, Jason D. McEwen, Thomas D. Kitching, Boris Leistedt and Antoine Plouviez arXiv:1703.09233

For some of the functions healpy must be installed ( This is not necessary for all the code so can be skipped if you do not want to use the HEALPix sampling scheme.

To install (if you have healpy) run:

python build_ext --inplace

To install (if you do not have healpy) run:

python build_ext --inplace

  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • libc
  • pyssht
  • healpy (only needed for certain functions)

Look at for a description of all the functions

  • src/ : Contains all the code
  • python/ : Contains all the python code
    • : Analyses the DES data and generates plots in Figures 5-7 and B3
    • cy_mass_mapping.pyx : General code base for sherical mass mapping using ssht and planar mass mapping
    • : Code to generate Figures 2 and 3 and Table 1
    • : Example code that is fast to run showing mass mapping on the sphere
    • cy_DES_utils.pyx : Code to generate shear maps from the measured galaxy shapes
    • cy_healpy_mass_mapping.pyx : Code for making spherical mass maps using healpix
    • cy_mass_mapping.pxd : Supporting functions
    • : Code to generate Figure 4
    • : Code to generate Figure 4
  • mask_plots/ : Contains plots of the servey areas of some past present and future weak lensing experiments
  • fig/ : Contains figures generated by the code
  • data/ : Contains data used/made by the code
    • DES.mat All the necessary parts of the DES SV public cataloge used in the code
    • cell_icosmo.txt An example cosmic shear power spectrum generated by cosmosis
    • cls_ap.txt Interpelated power spectrum used by the code
    • high_res_results/ Example results from
    • reduced_shear_iteration.txt Reduced shear results from


Mapping dark matter on the celestial sphere



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