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SO3: Fast Wigner transforms

CMake Build Python Build


The SO3 code provides functionality to perform fast and exact Wigner transforms based on the sampling theorem on the rotation group derived in McEwen et al. (2015).


The python package, so3 (pyso3 was taken), is available on so3 and can be installed with:

pip install so3

The C package can be installed with CMake and conan:

Both can be installed using pip:

pip install conan cmake

Then SO3 can be compiled with:

git clone -b main
mkdir so3/build && cd so3/build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local -Dconan_deps=True ..
make install

The above will also download FFTW and SSHT and compile them, if necessary.


Further documentation is available here.

Usage for the python package is also given in the package docstring.


If you use SO3 for work that results in publication, please reference the SO3 url and cite our related academic paper:


SO3 is released under the GPL-3 license. For further details see LICENSE.


SO3 was initially developed by Martin Büttner, Jason McEwen, and Boris Leistedt but significant contributors have since been made by a number of others.