BitTorrent Client in a Chrome Packaged App
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A BitTorrent client as a Chrome Packaged App.

Contrary to other implementations, this one talks the native BitTorrent protocol 100% in JavaScript.

New: install from the Chrome Web Store:

Try it

  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • ☑ Developer mode
  • Load unpacked extension...
  • Choose this directory
  • Launch
  • Keep an eye on the console of the background page




  • seeder peers dropping
  • cancellable file saving
  • Priorities
  • Error handling
  • store-backend: unify open bitford-store
  • Smarter request selection, based on downRate * requestedChunks.length
  • Profiling, profiling, optimization


Torrent Features

  • Peer limits
    • by IP
    • Upload slots
  • Extension protocol
  • Magnet Links
  • DHT
  • Encryption
  • uTP