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Bitlove (Web Interface)

The Bitlove web interface is built with Haskell using the Yesod framework. See for the actual site.

The Yesod project has a little book. For beginners, read Real World Haskell.

Installation (for the less experienced)

You’ll need Haskell, Cabal, PostgreSQL and a UNIX OS. You might want to try the Haskell Platform, available in most package managers.

Some commands need to be adjusted or left off. Start the installation by running the following ones:

initdb /usr/local/var/postgres -E utf8
pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres start
createdb prittorrent

Next get the database dump in your project folder:
bzip2 -d prittorrent-2012-08-27.sql.bz2

Open a shell with psql prittorrent and enter:

CREATE ROLE postgres;
\i prittorrent-2012-08-27.sql
rm prittorrent-2012-08-27.sql

Compile and run:

cabal update && cabal install --only-dependencies
yesod devel

Now point your browser to http://localhost:8081/.


PBKDF2 auth 404 → search

  • graphs

    • .torrents checkbox
    • time navigation
  • filter counters still wrong

  • PSHB

  • css overflow fixes

  • global statistics numbers

  • change feed URL

  • Feed Links größer

  • itunes:new-feed-url/

  • "My feeds" -> clickable username

  • User -> Shows -> Feeds

    • Default-Feed
  • Subscribers zählen: Hash(IP + User-Agent) über 24h

  • RFC5005: Feed Archiving

  • Feeds: gzip

  • OAuth für writing API (automatisch Feeds aus Podlove)

  • Overwrite title: current title as template

  • Filter: not only what is on current page

  • de-ch choosable machen

  • Per-item pages

  • MapFeed content-type

  • URL longener?

  • Fix empty downloads.type

  • filter.js:

    • Fix z-index (Android?)
  • New {feeds,downloads}.{lang,summary,type} in:

    • Downloads Feeds
    • HTML
  • enforce https for log in

  • <atom:link rel="self">

  • <atom:link rel="alternate">

  • style:

    • Fonts
    • Flattr donate
  • Edit user:

    • About field
  • Edit feeds:

    • Add & fetch immediately
  • graphs:

    • refactor
  • more configurability

  • Fetch & display feed summaries

  • Feed summaries: X items, Y torrents

  • OEmbed

  • Installation: automation ← 15