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Doesn't require OpenTracker anymore, tracker data is being kept in Mnesia now.

- You will need erlang-collectd from:
- You will need MochiWeb from:
  - Bind address and port may be specified by environment variables MOCHIWEB_IP and
  - You need to set the environment variable 'http_base' for the chaosbay application
- You furthermore need epqsql
  - Use chaosbay_sql_schema.sql to create the required tables
  - Use a postgres database >= 9.0

To configure, run:

application:set_env(chaosbay, http_base, "http://...").

	application:set_env(chaosbay, db_host, "<your hostname here>"). 
to specify you SQL-Server (localhost is default)

	application:set_env(chaosbay, db_port, "<your port number>").
to specify SQL-Server's port. (5432 is default)

	application:set_env(chaosbay, db_name, "<your db name>").
to specify the data base name. (chaosbaydb is default)

	application:set_env(chaosbay, db_user, "<your chaosbay db user>").
to specify the chaosbay data base user. ("chaosbay" is default)

	application:set_env(chaosbay, db_pass, "<your password here>").
to specify the db user's password. ("chaosbay" is default)