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ejabberd - High-Performance Enterprise Instant Messaging Server 

Quickstart guide

0. Requirements

To compile ejabberd you need:
 - GNU Make
 - GCC
 - libexpat 1.95 or higher
 - Erlang/OTP R10B-9 or newer
 - OpenSSL 0.9.6 or higher, for STARTTLS, SASL and SSL
   encryption. Optional, highly recommended.
 - Zlib 1.2.3 or higher, for Stream Compression support
   (XEP-0138). Optional.
 - GNU Iconv 1.8 or higher, for the IRC Transport
   (mod_irc). Optional. Not needed on systems with GNU Libc.

1. Compile and install on *nix systems

To compile ejabberd, go to the directory src/ and execute the commands:

To install ejabberd, run this command with system administrator rights
(root user):

  sudo make install

These commands will:
 - Install a startup script: /sbin/ejabberdctl
 - Install ejabberd in /var/lib/ejabberd/
 - Install the configuration files in /etc/ejabberd/
 - Create a directory for log files: /var/log/ejabberd/

2. Start ejabberd

You can use the ejabberdctl command line administration script to
start and stop ejabberd. For example:
  ejabberdctl start

For detailed information please refer to the
ejabberd Installation and Operation Guide