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dynamictemplate is yet another template engine, but this time loaded with full async support and capable of being changed even after the template was rendered.

It works in browsers too (requires JQuery).

Check out the demo!


$ npm install dynamictemplate


Writing templates

tpl = new Template schema:'xml', doctype:off, pretty:off, encoding:'utf-8', end:on, -> # default settings
    @$tag 'xml', ->
        @$tag 'child', "content"

This actually allows you to write real templates with asyncxml. Normally, asyncxml just gives you the ability to write asynchronous XML-generating code.

How to write tags

Maybe the main difference to some other template engines is that all the tags are asynchronous. This has the side effect that every tag has to be closed manually. As this can get a little bit anoying when you write very large templates, I added a little shortcut which invokes the end for you at the and of the child scope:

@html ->

# is the exactly same as

@$html 'xml', ->
    @$body "content"

Just add a dollar sign ($) in front of the tag method and it acts a little bit more synchronous again.


dynamictemplate has a similar approach like Backbone.js where you can choose your own backend of models, collections or, in this case, templates.

Currently only the JQuery adapter is available:

<script src="dynamictemplate-jquery.browser.js"></script>
    var jquerify = window.dynamictemplate.jquerify; // get the jquery adapter

Just throw your template in and add it to the DOM when it's ready:

var tpl = jquerify(template(mydata));
tpl.on('end', function () {

The dynamic part

TODO i couldnt find the time to build an example
that's works best with dynamictemplate, so please stand by.

Just FYI

This is not finished yet. But please, make yourself comfortable, take a cookie and start contributing!


If you are familiar with coffeekup, you should recognize this:

stringify = (func) -> func.toString()
shoutify = (s) -> s.toUpperCase() + "!"
template = ({title, desc, path, user, max}) ->
    new Template schema:5, doctype:on, ->
        @$html ->
            @$head ->
                @$meta charset:'utf-8'
                @$title "#{title or 'Untitled'} | My awesome website"
                if desc?
                    @$meta name:'description', content:desc
                @$link rel:'stylesheet', href:'/stylesheets/app.css'
                @$script src:'/javascripts/jquery.js'
                @$script stringify -> # browser code
                    $ ->
                        alert "Alerts are so annoying..."
        @$body ->
            @$header ->
                @$h1 title or 'Untitled'
                @$nav ->
                    @$ul ->
                        unless path is '/'
                            @$li -> @$a href:'/', "Home"
                        @$li -> @$a href:'/chunky', "Bacon!"
                        switch user.role
                            when 'owner', 'admin'
                                @$li -> @$a href:'/admin', "Secret Stuff"
                            when 'vip'
                                @$li -> @$a href:'/vip', "Exclusive Stuff"
                                @$li -> @$a href:'/commoners', "Just Stuff"
            @$section ->
                @$h2 "Let's count to #{max}:"
                @$p "#{i}" for i in [1..max]
            @$footer ->
                @$p shoutify "bye"