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Error: Symbol node_stringprep_module not found. #31

natevw opened this Issue May 24, 2013 · 11 comments


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natevw commented May 24, 2013

I followed the instructions for OS X:

brew install icu4c
ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/icu4c/51.1/include/unicode /usr/local/include
ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/icu4c/51.1/bin/icu-config /usr/local/bin/icu-config
npm install node-stringprep

But still I get the "Symbol node_stringprep_module not found" error as in issue #27. I have node v0.10.5.

(I also tried rebuilding node-stringprep after linking to icu4c/49.1.2 as I see there is some vague issue with recent versions?)


lloydwatkin commented May 27, 2013


I don't have access to OSX full time to test an install so won't be able to look into the issue. If you, or someone, is able to provide a pull request I will happily merge this in.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!

Cheers, Lloyd.

natevw commented May 27, 2013

If you know offhand — what is the icu4c version expected to work and the reason? There is insinuation in the README that 50.1 isn't the version I want — should I be trying to get it working with older e.g. 49.1.2, or might a newer e.g. 51.1 work again as well?


lloydwatkin commented May 29, 2013

I believe its only currently compatible with the 49.X versions and not anything more recent. I haven't looked at more recent versions of ICU yet. Currently triaging all node-xmpp related projects and will try and pick things up as soon as I can.

If you'd be willing to test against 51.1 I'd be most grateful, but I'd imagine they switched from 49->50->51 because of BC breaks.

In the mean time pull requests most welcome. Thanks :)

ojingo commented Jul 28, 2013

Any resolution on this one yet? Im also getting some similar errors on OSX latest with latest node 0.10.15 and with attempting to follow the above instructions for brew. I believe Im on icu4c/51.1

any ideas or thoughts?

I also downgraded to 49.1.2 using the instructions about tweaking brew if it doesn't work.. still did not resolve the issue:

dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _usprep_openByType_51
Referenced from: /node_modules/node-stringprep/build/Release/node_stringprep.node
Expected in: dynamic lookup


lloydwatkin commented Jul 28, 2013

I'm not an OSX user so unable to help with this issue I'm afraid. If you are using this with node-xmpp be aware this is not a requirement. If any OSX developers are willing to submit a pull request I will happily merge in.

kuryaki commented Nov 7, 2013

Well i use this with node-xmpp because if i dont install node-stringprep it wont connect... it seems that it sends an empty stanza to the server... and never connects...


lloydwatkin commented Nov 7, 2013

I'd suggest adding some debug around https://github.com/astro/node-xmpp/blob/master/lib/xmpp/jid.js#L2 to see what is going on with your system. It should fail-over if node-stringprep isn't available to you.

kuryaki commented Nov 8, 2013

Yup followed your advice dunno why this happends but i have two versions of node-xmpp the one that doesnt work have this line

if (this.socket.readable){

in node-xmpp/lib/xmpp/connection.js

the one that works have instead

if (opts && opts.socket) {

I will probably move this to node-xmpp and discuss it there..


lloydwatkin commented Nov 8, 2013

Glad to hear you have this sorted

@kuryaki did you find a work-around ? I'm having same issue with string-prep, using xmpp-client. Thanks !


astro commented May 7, 2016

May I close this one?

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