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1 parent c115376 commit fc2d7366d24e337ca1c788b215a6f03c51027e16 @astro committed Oct 11, 2012
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15 pg_search.sql
@@ -87,7 +87,9 @@ CREATE TRIGGER search_feed_items_trigger BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE
ON feed_items FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE search_feed_items_trigger();
-CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION search_feed_items(needle TEXT) RETURNS SETOF download AS $$
+CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION search_feed_items(
+ "limit" INT, "offset" INT, needle TEXT
+) RETURNS SETOF download AS $$
"query" TSQUERY := plainto_tsquery(needle);
@@ -100,15 +102,18 @@ CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION search_feed_items(needle TEXT) RETURNS SETOF download
COALESCE(scraped.seeders, 0) AS "seeders", COALESCE(scraped.leechers, 0) AS "leechers",
COALESCE(scraped.upspeed, 0) AS "upspeed", COALESCE(scraped.downspeed, 0) AS "downspeed",
COALESCE(downloaded_stats.downloaded, 0) AS "downloaded"
- FROM feed_items
- JOIN feeds ON (feed_items.feed=feeds.url)
+ FROM (SELECT * FROM feed_items
+ WHERE "search" @@ "query"
+ ORDER BY ts_rank(feed_items."search", "query") DESC
+ LIMIT "limit" OFFSET "offset"
+ ) AS feed_items
+ JOIN feeds ON (feed_items.feed=feeds.url)
JOIN user_feeds ON (feed_items.feed=user_feeds.feed)
JOIN enclosures ON (enclosures.feed=feed_items.feed AND
JOIN enclosure_torrents ON (enclosure_torrents.url=enclosures.url)
JOIN torrents USING (info_hash)
LEFT JOIN scraped ON (enclosure_torrents.info_hash=scraped.info_hash)
LEFT JOIN downloaded_stats ON (enclosure_torrents.info_hash=downloaded_stats.info_hash)
- WHERE feed_items."search" @@ "query" AND user_feeds."public"
- ORDER BY ts_rank(feed_items."search", "query") DESC;
+ WHERE user_feeds."public";
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

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