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Commits on May 13, 2012
@astro README: TODO update fdb124d
@astro rebar.config: add gen_smtp dependency b217926
@astro ui_handler: construct #req{} a7ad036
@astro README: TODO update c4add5f
@astro ui: login form 57832df
@astro ui: salted login for the challenged 5b491f8
@astro ui_app:start/2: ui_model_token:init() 6214e99
@astro ui_handler: set cookies 69ea708
@astro ui: replace Mnesia ui_model_token with SQL model_token, util:seed_ran…
@astro sql: move login_tokens to TABLESPACE 'fast' e0dc697
@astro model_session, set sid cookie from UI f0cadec
@astro ui_handler: pass ui_req to ui_template a2cf4b0
@astro ui: #navbar with session validation 51b1329
@astro ui: /logout 136f423
@astro ui: #navbar with paragraphs 00f6f44
@astro rm unused mnesia dependency 3c46a27
Commits on May 14, 2012
@astro ui: style <noscript/> 4d01dee
@astro sql: salt, salted, activation tokens are binary 5e9e783
@astro ui: remove a few unused static files 6582459
@astro ui: move login form from login.js to ui_template 38b3cde
@astro ui: begin signup form d80e6b2
@astro ui_handler: rm hex_to_binary/1 that has been moved to util before 551fd9c
@astro ui: 404 & 500 images e8bc6b3
@astro ui: signup form style fa2913f
@astro sql: tracker & tracker_leechers VIEWS shall not LIMIT *before* info_h…
…ash filtering
@astro model_tracker:get_peers/3: LIMIT 40 6679a73
@astro ui: more signup handling a9bef57
@astro ui: fix gen_smtp_client usage 70f3f55
Commits on May 15, 2012
@astro ui: signup.js for username manipulation and hint 624ee79
@astro ui_template: tos-2 wording 076758e
Commits on May 16, 2012
@astro ui, model: activation 95fa75b
@astro ui: reactivate account 60990f3
@astro ui_template:validate_session/1 for #req.session_user e8ee18d
Commits on May 17, 2012
@astro ui: edit-user, move validate_session/1 from ui_template to ui_handler 008b10b
@astro ui: add feed button 27ff4f8
@astro ui: style input[type=submit] like .button 2f86992
@astro README: TODO update 86027cf
Commits on May 18, 2012
@astro ui, model: add_user_feed working but incomplete be25240
@astro sql: feeds.torrentify 73f065a
@astro ui, model: more add_user_feed 22ffe46
@astro README: TODO update e303408
@astro ui: use PUT instead of POST for add_user_feed d9d7547
@astro ui: edit-feed w/ Public & Title f02b311
@astro ui: help-podcaster-feed.svg 505e8d5
@astro ui: rm_feed a1c0291
@astro ui: fix add_feed ae7a37c
@astro ui: all edit-* form .button are input[type=submit|cancel] e695bc7
@astro ui: replace model_feeds:feed_details/1 with model_feeds:user_feeds_de…
@astro ui: prevent form submit click bubbling 7acdc8e
@astro sql, model: downloads_cache.feed_public & user-overwritable feed_title e5b9b8b
@astro sql: update_downloads_cache() triggers for DELETE b2f96b6
@astro sql: VIEW enclosures_to_hash should respect feeds.torrentify 36b38a4
@astro README: TODO update 1d26bfe
@astro ui: display private feeds to logged-in users 212d059
@astro ui_template:render_user_feed/3: expose torrentify to user 40de38f
@astro model_feeds:user_feeds_details/2 & user_feed_details/2: COALESCE(user…
…_feeds.public, FALSE)
@astro ui: purge torrent in front-end js aad394e
Commits on May 19, 2012
@astro sql: replace LOCK statements with SELECT ... FOR UPDATE 874db8e
@astro README: TODO update ef70d0d
@astro ui: edit-feed, edit-user usability 4d69932
Commits on May 20, 2012
@astro ui_handler: return missing empty cookies 480dc35
@astro ui: readable torrent paths with original filename
Fixes Github issue #13
@astro sql: enclosure_to_hash() must lock table-level not row-level
rows may not exist in the joined view
Commits on May 21, 2012
@astro ui, model, sql: purge download in the backend 4829afe
@astro sql: fix DELETE TRIGGER RETURN values 6c1e75f