Drop-in replacement for REXML using libxml-ruby and libxml-parser-ruby (expat binding)
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Are you tired of strange REXML behaviour? Do you need twice the
performance when dealing with XML? Are you stuck with the REXML API
because your code uses it everywhere? You're not alone.

I don't mean any offense, and I deeply respect Sean Russell's work and
the amount of time that he has put into the project. I won't be able
to do better, but have had problems more than one time with REXML.

In XMPP4R we're bound to the very intuitive REXML API because that's
what XMPP4R is about: dealing with XML. I thought the only way out
would be resembling it. That's why I have started REXML-dropin, a
wrapper around libxml:


To be honest, I'm not convinced by libxml-ruby's code, but it looks
way cleaner than REXML. So far, I'm able to run a basic XMPP client
with it. There's a lot left to be done, so go ahead and fork it!

* libxml-parser-ruby: http://www.yoshidam.net/Ruby.html#xmlparser
* libxml-ruby beyond 0.8.3/SVN r524: http://libxml.rubyforge.org/
* require 'rexml' first!