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This 2016.2 release is based on Anaconda/Miniconda, Python 3.5

HSTCAL 1.1.0 Release Notes

The following changes were made to the HST calibration software sent to HST Data Processing for build 2016.2:


  • waf upgraded to 1.9.4, which enables building HSTCAL in Python 3, as well as Python 2.


  • WFC3 (increases to version 3.4)
    • CTE subarrays are now enabled for subarrays which include physical overscan pixels.
    • Sink Pixel flagging for all subarray images has been enabled.

Install the pipeline

    $ conda create -n hstdp-2016.2 --file

Enter a BASH shell

    $ bash

Activate the pipeline environment

    $ source activate hstdp-2016.2

INSTALLING to an existing Anaconda/Miniconda

$ conda create -n hstdp-2016.2 --file

UPGRADING an existing pipeline environment

Use this method to apply an iterative spec file release to an existing pipeline environment.

$ conda update -n <original_env> --file
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