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HSTCAL Version 1.3.0

The following updates have been included with this release.


  • CALACS updates to version 9.2.0 with this release.

  • New BLEVCORR algorithm that uses new OSCNTAB, which now correctly calculates bias level for AMP B and D in subarrays.

  • New SINKCORR step to apply new SNKCFILE in order to flag sink pixels. See ACS ISR 2017-01.

  • New pixel based PCTECORR algorithm implemented (CTE_NAME= 'PixelCTE 2017').

    • The code defaults to this new algorithm, however, the old one can still be executed using the command line option --ctegen <1|2>. Note: The correct accompanying PCTETAB file must also be used.
    • The user can now override the PCTETAB file used (normally specified in the image header) with the command line option --pctetab <file path>.
    • The number of threads used for computing the PCTECORR can now be specified with the command line option --nthreads <N>. Note: OPENMP is required for N > 1.
  • Fixed uninitialized variable in prinfo.c.

  • Corrected --version reporting and added -r to report version string that was previously reported by --version.

  • Affects old data.

  • Users should re-retrieve affected datasets from the archive.

  • Updated reference files delivered by science team.


  • Due to the quick succession of this release from 1.2.0, please refer to the following release notes for other recent updates.

Additional software included in this update

  • nictools 1.1.3
  • stistools 1.1
  • stsci.distutils-0.3.8
  • stsci.image-2.2.0
  • stsci.imagemanip-1.1.2
  • stsci.imagestats-1.4.1
  • stsci.ndimage-0.10.1
  • stsci.numdisplay-1.6.1
  • stsci.skypac-0.9.4
  • stsci.sphere-0.2
  • stsci.sphinxext-1.2.2
  • stsci.stimage-0.2.1
  • stwcs 1.3.2
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