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A menubar app for gif searches
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AstroGif is a simple menu bar app that easily lets you search for animated gifs and copy their URLs or their markdown quivalent, to the clipboard. It supports Mac, Windows, and various Linux flavours,


Once installed you'll have an AstroGif icon in your taskbar that, when clicked, will open up the app in the center of the screen. Alternatively you can use the globally registered keyboard shortcut - this is Control + Alt + Space by default, but this can be modified. Pressing Enter once you have found a gif will copy the URL to the clipboard. Pressing Escape will close the window.


Global shortcut

If you don't like the current global shortcut (or it interferes with another app you use) then you can change it here.


By default AstroGif will copy the gif's URL but can also surround it with the appropriate markdown syntax.

On hide

Will reset back to the search box once the app hides by default, but you can optionally set it so that the next time the app shows the last search is still visible.


Will embed the .gif by default, but you can optionally choose to embed a .mp4 version of the image which generally has a smaller filesize so is quicker to load fully (altough chosing .gif tends to load the initial frame quicker, even if the rest of the file hasn't downloaded). The .gif URL will still be copied, even if you chose to preview the image as a .mp4.


If you find any issues with AstroGif (it's still a young project!) then please file an issue. PRs are also welcome :)

Running locally

After cloning the project run npm install followed by npm run dev. A local server will be spun up on port 8000 for hot reloading the app as you develop. If you want to build the app then, depending on your OS, you can run the release script. These are release-mac, release-win, and release-linux (so, if you're on a mac, for example, you would run npm run release-mac). There are also a few other linux distro specific release scripts too - check package.json for these. The packaged apps are built into a release folder.

Icons are from Dale Humphries

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