Astroid in your general mail setup

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Astroid is a Mail User Agent. As such, all Astroid provides is a graphical interface to your email. Thus, Astroid enables you to launch actions that rely on the performance of other programs to actually fetch, sync, index, search and send your email.

A typical mail setup using Astroid can include:

  • OfflineIMAP to fetch/sync your mail between your local computer and an email service provider (Note however that astroid modifies notmuch tags, which won't be picked up by offlineimap and hence won't be synced to Gmail. Thus, offlineimap alone isn't a good option. See #396)
  • notmuch to index and search your mail
  • msmtp to send your mail through your email service provider
  • astroid to read, view, write, modify, organise your mail through a graphical interface
  • vim or emacs to write and edit email.

While all these programs (or equivalent programs) need to be setup; once they're configured, you shouldn't need to think about them beyond using astroid.

The configuration options may be more or less tedious and complicated, depending on what email service provider you use. For instance, Gmail has a lot of special configuration needed.

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